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Our Story

Kinosoo Global Surveys // Our Story

Kinosoo Global Survey Limited was established on October 25, 2012 through a partnership with Cold Lake First Nations (CLFN) and Global Raymac Surveys. Kinosoo Global Surveys is a certified survey company that serves the Cold Lake Area and is 51 percent Aboriginal owned. Kinosoo Global Surveys is primarily focused on servicing the Oil and Gas producers on the traditional lands of Cold Lake First Nations.


Service oilfield sector and build capacity to sustain the local community through responsible development of natural resources.


Develop aboriginal capacity within the survey industry.


  • Capture economic benefits from resource development on the traditional lands of the Cold Lake First Nations.
  • Nurture long-term relationships with business partners that are beneficial to both Cold Lake First Nations and Industry.
  • Build an industry leading survey company with a majority aboriginal workforce.

Our Partnership with Global Raymac Surveys

Global Surveys was founded in 1986 and Raymac Surveys in 1978. Both companies have served the Energy and Municipal Industries for over 25 years. Our company has expanded to over 200 employees in the past few years with the addition of our Lloydminster and Medicine Hat offices, and most recently in 2012 the acquisition of HIW Surveys in Grande Prairie. Prior to the acquisition with Global Raymac, HIW has been in business since 1964. They have completed projects throughout Canada, and internationally.

We provide surveying solutions to the Oil & Gas industry and Municipal sectors on-time and on-target. Our goal is to create a group of team oriented individuals who know what it takes to get the job done, while achieving high standards of quality and safety.

Our Partnership with Cold Lake First Nations

Kinosoo is majority owned by Cold Lake First Nations (CLFN) and chose the name “Kinosoo” because of its strong identity to the Cold Lake area through the legend of the “Kinosoo” (a.k.a. big fish). The Cold Lake fishery was always an important food source for CLFN as well as a source of employment for CLFN. Today the fishery can no longer provide an economic livelihood to CLFN. By expanding its capacity to provide survey services with Global Raymac, CLFN can participate in the economic benefits of resource development on its traditional lands. When industry seeks development within CFLN’s Traditional Territory, CLFN is always mindful to hold them to the principle of “A livelihood for a livelihood.” By partnering with industry leading companies like Global Raymac, we are able to build capacity in our community and teach our people to “fish” for other economic opportunities.

Founding President of Kinosoo Global, Kyle Janvier says the partnership will provide new business opportunities for the people of Cold Lake:

“Cold Lake First Nations is committed to working in partnership with all of our neighbouring communities and businesses, like we have done by forming this new partnership to create Kinosoo Global Survey LP. We believe that by combining all of our talents and abilities, we not only grow our economic successes, but we also create real opportunities and benefits for our neighbours as well. We are all part of the same economy and when we work together we can all share in both the risks and the rewards of our business opportunities.”