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Global Raymac Surveys Inc., as managing partner of Kinosoo, believes that all occupational injury, illness and property damage is preventable and through proactive management of risk and at-risk behaviour, injury and loss can be eliminated from our organization. It is a requirement for all workers, supervisors, managers, visitors, contractor, sub-contractors and owners to comply with government legislation.

The owners of Global Raymac Surveys Inc. are committed to providing their employees, customers, visitors and the community with a safe, value added and productive service. All employees will be held accountable for occupational health and safety.
We will ensure that all employees are knowledgeable regarding the relevant content of the company Workplace Health and Safety Manual and will communicate that message to all co-workers, subcontractors and customers, and visitors.

Management and supervisors are committed to endorsing safety procedures whenever, wherever it is reasonably practicable. Workers are responsible for ensuring the safety of those around them as well as their own. Adhering to all rules, policies and procedures set by Global Raymac Surveys and Government Legislation.

IRP 16 – Basic Safety Awareness Training – Registered Member (since July 2006)
COR Certified – Since 2006 with 95% or higher in all C.O.R. audits

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